Skyblue Matcha Cup

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  • Size : Dia 4.33″ x H2.95″ Weight: 9.83oz. Best size for Matcha ceremony for easily bubbling green tea and drinking.
  • This Matcha Bowl is made in Gifu Japan, which is famous for its pottery products. The pottery products made in this region are called “Mino Ware”. This Matcha Bowl is Japanese traditional high-quality Mino Ware.
  • Please note that this item has a beautiful sky-blue crackle glaze pattern as shown in the images. This is not a defect.
  • Material: Pottery.
  • Please understand because of handmade with pottery, it may be slightly different in color and shape from photos.

Minoware refers to the great tradition and classical style of
Japanese pottery. With a long history dating back over 1300
years, it is both an art form and a functional craft that
produces practical items for daily use. It was certified as
traditional craftwork by The Ministry of International Trade and
Industry in 1978. Minoyaki is a broad term that encompasses
several styles of pottery with diverse colors, finishes, and
enamels. Some famous examples of Minoyaki are as follows:
Hino-Yaki is rich black or brown, warm and earthy. Oribe-Yaki is
fresh with dark greens and fewer constraints on the traditional
Today the Mino region still produces over 50% of the pottery made
in Japan. In the rich and complex world of Japanese arts and
aesthetics, Minoyaki is of great cultural value.


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